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HairCare Questionnaire

Get your no-obligation Haircare Consultation (usually $37) that could let you know how healthy your hair is and what you could do to make it fuller, softer and shinier..

Please provide the most accurate answers to the following questions. This will be information used by your stylist to prepare and ensure your appointment goes smoothly and you can get the best possible style. Any information withheld could possibly lead to further damage to your hair and possibly result in you not being able to be serviced.

Would you consider yourself a virgin natural or a transition natural?

When was the last time you permed, or chemically straightened your hair?

When was the last time you bleached or dyed your hair with permanent dye?

Are your curls consistent?

How often do you blowdry/Flatiron your hair?

How often do you treat your hair? I.e protein, keratin, moisture, deep oil.

When was your last haircut/trim?

Are you looking to use our services to safely colour your hair?

What are you most concerned about when it comes to your natural hair?

Are you interested in curly styles or straight styles?

Are you booking for consultation & styling or just consultation?

Fantastic! It looks like we can help you and will get back to you shortly,simply enter your details below!