American Hair Professionals Coming To Australia To Style Your Hair and Makeup to Perfection.  Book Now To Experience The Difference

Sydney: October 25-31, 2018 Melbourne: November 1-4, 2018

One small change to your hair maintenance routine can leave your hair feeling healthier, fuller and softer.

The truth is your hair deserves better, but you don’t always have the time to care for it as well as you should. Everytime this happens you are one step furtherfrom the hair you’ve always imagined – and deserve.

The only way to grow long and healthy hair is by establishing a haircare and maintenance routine that is specific to you. A proper routne will consistently improve not only the look, but feel and health of your hair. The good news? You are not alone on this journey. We can help you establish a routine that isspecific to your lifestyle and your hair’s texture, porosity, length and density.

My Black Hair Australia understands the complexity, beauty and rich power of Hard to Manage, Curly, Kinky, Thick “Black Hair.” We are determined, through specialist knowledge and unique products,to help you accomplish the dream you have for your hair.


My Black Hair is a movement starting in Australia that celebrates one of the most sought after, unique and versatile things on earth, Black Hair. We are bringing some of the best cosmetologists and barbers from cities like NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami. They are coming to Australia and providing much needed professional and customer services.

Our mission is to provide the best professional and customer services that you have ever experienced. We provide expert consultation, education and information unto you so that you can make the best choices regarding your hair. So take the initiative and get in touch with us today about booking your next haircare appointment or hair maintenance seminar.

Our Stylists are all Licensed and Certified Cosmetologists with experience styling, cutting, restoring and maintaining various types of hair: more importantly, they have plenty of knowledge and experience working with kinky, curly and wavy hair textures. We have Coloring Specialists, Weave Specialists, Natural-Hair Care Specialists, Master Barbers, Educators and Products.

We provide Education Seminars to Patrons and Stylists which gives them the ability to have hands on practice, ask specific questions, learn and understand correct styling methodologies. It also helps both understand how to correct improper techniques. Education could be the only thing standing in the way of the hair or styles you’ve always wanted.

Hair Extensions are a popular protective style that, when installed properly, can look like Natural Hair

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Natural Hair is more than Afro’s & Curls. Let’s see what your Natural Hair can do.

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Mens Grooming

Let our Barbers give you a Precision Fade, Shape-Up or Facial Hair Education

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7 Key Things To Know About Natural Hair

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OUR PROMISE: Provide our customers with information that will help them, and their personal stylist, better care for their hair. More importantly, it gives our customers an understanding of their hair’s unique makeup so that they can focus more on areas specific to them.

As part of our policy, customers are required to complete a hair assessment to ensure the quality of our service accurately caters to your unique hair make up.


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