Men & Womens Hair Education

After analyzing the Australian market, and surveying over 500 people with kinky and curly hair, we found that one of the most wanted services was Education. When we say Education, we mean things like: Understanding the various braid patterns for different sew-in styles, the difference between hair texture and hair grade, proper maintenance routines for particular textures and grades of hair, what the most important factors are when choosing wigs and the education and understanding of products and their ingredients, plus much more..

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We will be providing information on subjects such as;

  • How to properly build a personalised hair routine for your specific type of hair.
  • The top 3 natural style that can be done in under 30 minutes.
  • Best protective styles, and how to maintain and care for it.
  • How to properly choose and install lace front wigs.
  • Product ingredient breakdown, and where to get the best products.
  • How to regrow and protect your edges.
  • Natural Hair 101, which covers how to safely achieve hair texture and grade change, moisture retention, porosity and more…


We will teach you.

  • How to build 360 waves and get softer, more shiny hair.
  • Routines to help grow or lengthen your hair or dreads.
  • What the best techniques and products are for beard growth and maintenance.
  • Established personalised routines for your particular hair texture and grade.